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The wild world of .URLs


In the days just prior to my first FME, I recall trying to go to the FME website and finding that it was actually the Finnish Metal Expo website. (There’s probably some interesting crossover to Nuit Metal at this festival…)


This wasn’t the last example of .URL confusion I’ve encountered…

As I’ve wandered the various venues of this year’s FME, I’ve run into an incongruous few who’ve come for something else entirely and have ultimately been seduced by the true events taking place here.


Such as:

Will from Brixton, he was super happy with his pulled pork sandwich last night, but was wondering where the pulled bison and pulled caiman booths were. This was the Festival of Meat after all?

…or Akaaton from Helsinki, a bit surprised at the lack of Metal over the last two days, but thrilled that Misery Index is playing Nuit Metal (….if not Grendel)

…or Lorelei, a Montessori teacher from Salt Spring Island. She was blown away by the Tonton Ninou Rock Band, but surprised to learn that Arts and Crafts are a record label and not a full day workshop.

I’ve taken an informal poll of fest goers to find out the true impact of .URL confusion and how many people are actually here under happily confused pretenses.

Here’s another painstakingly prepared and helpful infographic:


– Zeus