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Journalistic Responsibility


This year, I’ve decided to approach the blog from a new angle.  There are too many pressing sociological questions to address. And the artists and spectators of FME are the perfect sample of enlightened people to answer them. Among the grand issues of our time: Have we reached « Peak Beard »? Stay Tuned, and if you’re equipped with a beard, be ready to be asked some hard hitting questions tonight… – Zeus

After 5, years FME is now « a thing » in my life.

Another Labour Day Weekend, another anticipation filled long-haul drive to Rouyn-Noranda.
After 5 years, FME has now become a reliable life ritual. The reassuring summer closer that never fails to somehow exhaust, and renew. A reminder that amidst the chaos of life changes, all is fundamentally right with this little corner of the world.
I’ve got to confess that this is the first year I’m heading north in the blind.
I haven’t had the time to do my usual pre-fest band research. It’s refreshing in a way. By now, I can be sure whatever happens, it’s always a great reunion with friends and I’ll inevitably be blown away by a bunch of bands.