The cashless service is completely free and allows you to charge your purchases easily, conveniently, and quickly at many points of sale throughout the festival.

You can use it at all the FME merchandise kiosks, as well as the official bars: the Petit Théâtre du Vieux Noranda (upstairs and downstairs), the Évolu-Son hall, the Chevaliers de Colomb Hall, and the Agora des Arts, as well as the bars on 7th Street.

In order to optimize your experience, passports can be linked to a personal account which allows you to:

  • Recharge your passport at any time if it is associated with a valid payment method;
  • Consult your passport’s transaction history;
  • Receive a refund for unused credit at the end of the festival;
  • Block your cashless account in case of loss or theft.

The creation of an account is not obligatory, but is strongly recommended in order to benefit from the advantages of cashless payment.

To create your account, please fill in the fields below.

Accéder à mon compte


Activation: Upon creation of your account, you will be asked for the barcode on your passport or accreditation in order to link the two.

Crediting/recharging your passport: You can directly charge your cashless account while buying your passport or registering for La Clique. Alternatively, you can use the FME’s mobile app (Apple or Android), or visit the charging station located at L’Écart.. .lieu d’art actuel(167 Murdoch Ave.)

Consulting your balance and usage historyusing the “cashless” feature of our mobile app, or at any FME bar.

Reporting loss or theft of cashless support: In this case, it is possible to perform an authentication using the app or at the charging station at L’Écart.. .lieu d’art actuelin order to block your passport immediately. 

Getting a refund for unused credit: An email will be sent to cashless users offering a refund for unused credit at the end of the festival. This can also be done from within your account.

If you have not yet created an account, you can do so and link your passport as described above in the “Activation” section.

Note that you have until September 10 (noon), 2019 to request your refund. Beyond this date, any remaining credit will be reinvested in the festival, allowing us to continue to offer a wide array of free concerts.

For more information:
/ Tel: 819-797-0888
/ Toll Free: 1-877-797-0889