The final sprint has begun! Barely two weeks before the 20th edition of the FME, which will take place from September 1st to 4th and will be once again this year, an unmissable musical event. After revealing the entirety of the program in person on July 6th, the organization comes back with the latest news and the return of their successful projects of their edition.

The Hub Desjardins, a crossroads of interest points at the FME

At every edition, the FME team sets up a place at the center of their main site, the Hub Desjardins. This
year, thanks to the support of Desjardins, the festival-goers will be able to get their bearings and profit
from the many useful installations and different points of interest. Obviously, new things will appear,
including two “5 to 7” shows.

They will also find kiosques from local stores, promotional items of the FME, as well as a bar of regional
products. You will also find kombucha with red fruit and black spruce flavours in the image of the FME, a
product from the company Ékorce from Val-d’Or.

Safe Space
This year, the FME is setting up a new place: Safe Space. This space is a safe environment where we
can find social workers from the Point d’appui and La Coalition d’aide à la diversité sexuelle de l’Abitibi-

CFME radio
From August 26th to September 4th, whether it’s in music, in podcasts, or a form of news column, the
CFME radio station will broadcast original content from big names from here that you won’t want to miss!
It will be possible to enrich the experience of your festival by coming to assist the direct broadcasting of
radio shows which will take place from the Hub Desjardins from September 1st to 4th. Notably, you can
listen to the podcast Autre Atlantique, a collaboration between the festivals Avec Le Temps from
Marseille, La Noce in Saguenay, and the FME.

The duo Sèxe Illégal as well as Jean-François Provençal will be there and they will present their visual
podcast Tu Me Niaises every evening at 10pm directly from the studio. In addition, the international radio station Ferarock will be at the event from 11am every day of the festival. The radio will be available on 100,5 FM and online starting from August 26th.

Jardin XR Newmont Éléonore
Concerning the more technological sphere of the Hub Desjardins, we can count on Jardin XR Newmont
Éléonore to entertain you. XR means “Extended Reality” and gathers just as many virtual reality
experiences as those of augmented reality or mixed reality.

This area offers a vast selection of immersive activities thanks to augmented reality technologies.
For this 20th edition, we welcome you with innovative projects from MUTEK, Sporobole, and the SAT
where the participants are at the center of the experience.

Friday, September 2nd at 11pm, the project LENTEUR, NAUFRAGE ET AUTRES STRATÉGIES POÉTIQUE,
born from a 20 day creation residence between four artists from Marseille and Quebec: Calamine, Kethe
Magané, Pina Woods, and Gaëtan Parseihian. You will be immersed in an experience uniting poetry,
slam, visuals, and music.

Projects and collaborations in full bloom

Pale Ale beer for the FME
Especially for the 20th edition of the FME, the Brasserie du Bas-Canada, situated in Outaouais, created a
Pale Ale style beer for the festival. Called Ultime, it will be available in limited quantities and the festival
will sell it only at the bar of the Hub Desjardins during the event.

20 years of sound

For their 20th year, the FME is participating in a project for the creation of a citizen participatory work,
initiated by the city of Rouyn-Noranda. Alex Pic, an energetic and charismatic artist of the region, will go
meet citizens during the festival and be inspired by their accounts to compose an original musical work
specific to this anniversary edition. He will then perform this as part of the closing show presented by
SiriusXM, on Sunday September 4th at 8pm. This project is achieved thanks to the financial support from
the Quebec government and the City of Rouyn-Noranda as part of the Entente de Développement


This year, a campsite at the Kiwanis beach of Rouyn-Noranda will be set up for the festival-goers. It is
possible to buy a camping pass online for the 4 festival days. It’s a short 2,0 km distance from the festival
site where 35 spaces will be available to accommodate tents. For more details, we invite you to consult
our site:


Following the success of this activity last year, the FME is coming back on the platform Twitch via invited
streamers, thanks to support from the Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue, the Unité d’enseignement et de recherche en création et nouveaux médias, and the Socioculturel de l’UQAT. In the
Twitch program, first we find Charlène, who will be with us to make IRL (in real life) content, in other words direct content on different sites of the festival. Well known for making us discover the scenery, the
ambiance, and the best spots of the FME, Charlène will be returning for her 2nd consecutive year. Yet she will not be the only one, since the streamer Kharliito will also be present on the site of the festival and
directly share his discoveries to the Twitch community.

In addition, we welcome Julien Belhumeur and Andy The Frenchy, two Québécois streamers with musical
talents who will perform at the FME during the free and hybrid shows, that is, on Twitch and before the
public. Julien, a multi-instrumentalist, will perform at the UQAT Thursday, September 1st at 5pm. As for
Andy, a singer and pianist, she will amaze you with her show at the Hub Desjardin Friday, September 2nd
at 1pm. Follow our platforms to find out the streaming hours.

Parcours Scéno

From the months of August to October, a spectacular and enchanting route to discover around Rouyn-
Noranda will be available to the public who wish to revisit the history of the FME. This scenic route
consists of elements and artifacts which were a part of the scenography of previous editions of the FME,
and will be installed in key places, where fans of the festival can learn the evolution of the FME throughout the years. A page is also available on our website in order to situate the route of the town and learn more about the different editions they represented. You can see a route which forms the letters “F”, “M”, and “E” spread across the city of Rouyn-Noranda. The realization of this site is possible thanks to our partners: Fonderie Horne, Desjardins, and the Government of Québec.

Thus, it’s an event from September 1st to 4th! The annual event known among the professionals of Québec, Canada, and internationally, but also by music fans. More than 175 professional representatives from the four corners of the world travel to Rouyn-Noranda to assist with the performances from different artists. Stay tuned via the FME app to be up to date on the surprises all along this 20th edition!

Media relations and interview applications
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