Team / Board of Directors


Sandy Boutin – President, Major and International Partnerships Director
Jenny Thibault – Vice Presidente, Communications and Marketing Director
Sylvain Sauvageau – Secretary-Treasurer
Claude Fortin – Administrator, Partnerships Director
Karine Berthiaume – Administrator


Sandy Boutin
Jenny Thibault
Pierre Thibault
With the assistance of Geneviève Dumont, Steve Jolin, Marilyne Lacombe and Staifany Gonthier. 


Magali Monderie-Larouche – General Manager
Myriam Charconnet – Communications Manager
Karine Berthiaume – Artistic Director
Onil Arcand – Accountant
Magalie Pleau – Programming Coordinator
Virginie Monarque – Programming Assistant
Élie-Anne Lamerise-Dumont – Communications Assistant
Cinthia Audet – Administrative Assistant
Joannie Harnois – Hospitality Manager
Mélissa Major– Maison d’accueil Coordinator
Léa Trévidic – International Professionals Coordinator
Sonia Cesaratto – National Media Relations
Danny Payne – US Media Relations
Tom Avis – Toronto Media Relations
Sonia Demontigny and Anne-Marie Nadeau – Northeastern Ontario Media Relations
Clara Dhilly – European Media Relations
Manon Vautheny – Online Box Office Manager
Gabriel Maltais – Box Office Manager
Daniel Richer, Benoit St-Pierre, Véronique Boudreau – Bars Manager
Jérôme Gamache, Lou Raphaëlle– Volunteer Coordinators
Charlène Guay – CFME Radio Coordinator
Jean-Sébastien Cyr – Technical Director
Jean-Philippe Roy – Site Manager
François Lafontaine – Webmaster
Yan Marchildon – Graphic Design
Julie Gravel – Promotional Clothing Manager
Catherine Desroches-Lapointe – Decorating managers
Cathy Gélinas – Green Room Manager