Shows Selection

The selection of shows for passports is now closed.
If you have not made your selection, please contact the ticket manager online at If you want to buy an individual ticket, go to the “Individual Tickets” section of the Ticketing menu.

How to select your shows?

If you bought a Standard or a Deluxe passport for the FME and you want to select the shows you want to attend, here is some information:

Step 1 : Receive your member code

Following your passport order, you received a code by email. Keep it nearby because it will be essential for your shows selection!

Step 2: Shows selection

You can only select one show per time slot.

Reminder: the Standard passport gives you access to 8 shows while the Deluxe passport gives you access to 9 shows.

If you get an error message, or if a show is shaded red, it is probably for one of the following reasons:

  • You chose two shows in the same time slot;
  • You have a Standard Passport and tried to choose a show available only to Deluxe Passport holders;
  • You have chosen more shows than your passport entitles you to.

Standard Passports DO NOT give access to the opening and closing shows at the Agora des arts

Step 3:  Receive your passport

A confirmation will appear onscreen, and you will also receive confirmation via email. You will first receive individual tickets for admission to the shows of your choice, and then the actual passport, for admission to those and other events.

Note that you have priority for the choice of your shows until July 22 at noon. After, the individual tickets will be on sale.

Informations : / Tél. : 819-797-0888 / Sans frais : 1-877-797-0889

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