Jardin XR

The Jardin XR is an indoor space at the heart of the festival, located at the Hub Desjardins, at the Agora des Arts: 170 Murdoch avenue, Rouyn-Noranda that icludes six virtual reality experiences and digital performances.

The Jardin XR is produced in collaboration with the Creation and New Media program of UQAT with the support of Newmont Éléonore.

The Jardin XR is open to everyone free of charge from August 31 to September 3 from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. Digital performances: Friday and Saturday at 10 p.m.


The projects that are presented there


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Hugo Martin & Lola Karim

In collaboration and supported by the Forest Research Institute of UQAT.

Revolution is a 3-minute virtual reality experience, scientifically reliable and photo realistic, the viewer will be able to observe the evolution of the flora of the forest and its four seasons in real time and in 360 degrees.

This project exists with a view to raising public awareness of the protection of the diversity of Quebec’s forests.


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Inspired by the poem “Primero Sueno” by 17th century poet Sor Juana.

This collection of dance, music, poetry and VR films is a meditation on the overlapping of realities. The images are from Mexico and Guatemala.

Dance by Diana Gomez Cordoba and Natalhi Vasquez, music by Flatsitter and TJ Borden (cello), with Jessica Wegrzyn as Sor Juana and MJ Myers as the dream scratcher.


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From the ashes of the burned neighborhood… Step into a post-human landscape of haunting beauty and experience the Bible upside down.

This virtual reality film takes you on a journey through the original poetry of Noah Falck, the haunting vocals of Nola Ranallo, and the visceral cello of TJ Borden, all recorded in the ghostly echoes of an abandoned grain silo.


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This immersive experience combines 3D objects and 360 environments to take audiences on a journey into the VR world. The user will be able to interact with 3D objects by modifying their shape, size and movements, as well as their position in 3D space using VR controllers. The user can also interact with the 360 ​​backgrounds and choose different environments, change colors and distort them or trigger multiple effects in real time. The immersive background ranges from particle universe to realistic and surreal environments.


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In collaboration with UQAT and CNM.

Awakening, Chaos and Beauty is a 10-minute immersive audiovisual experience that bears witness to the climate crisis. It is also the result of an exploration of the possibilities of artificial intelligence. By combining technology and artistic expression, this experience pushes the boundaries of creation and encourages the public to reflect on the endless opportunities that AI offers in the artistic field.


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Mariane Laporte


Multidisciplinary artist Mariane Laporte, accompanied by musician Mingo L’Indien, investigates the need to feel the presence of the performative body for the audience in a performance that merges poetry, the generation of immersive environments and experimental music. For 30 minutes, the variations of the data captured live by a thermal camera influence the degree of artistic randomness leading to unsuspected births.

Technical means: thermal camera, real-time projections, 3D scanning, artificial intelligence, generation of digital images, motion capture.


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